Marisol Bralet

Make-up at Christian Dior Spring 2014

ubald Klug

Anonymous said: I live in MA and my boyfriend lives in GA. We met one another online, like a majority of everyone else in the world. We feel as though we can take on the distance and be together. Do you believe that a distance relationship can in fact make a couple strong? Do you think it's worth it? Would you ever consider being in one if let's say, you or your bf moved away or you had met someone online *if you were single*.

I’ve been in a long distance relationship and it didn’t work. I think in some cases they can work but I feel like a majority of them don’t. But I know one girl who’s been in a long distance relationship for over 6 years. I could never be in one, unless my boyfriend moved away. We’ve been together almost 3 years and I wouldn’t throw that away because of a move. Just make sure you continue to talk openly with one another.